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Winter Is Coming! Waterproofing Your Basement Against The Cold

drainWinters are the best and the worst of weathers. From the snowy Christmas to freezing New Year, winters always leave us some exhilarating memories. With the temperature dropping, homeowners are starting to worry about house damages and repairs. From flooded basement to foundation wall cracks, there are so many things that could go wrong! Fret not though, we still have time. Waterproofing your basement can help avoid these problems. So, let?s take the winter heads on and not let it damper the festivities. Here are a few ways to waterproof the basement:

Drain systems?

Most basements are designed in a way that makes the corners susceptible to moisture. It is specifically more common in the area where the floor and wall intersects. Installing an efficient drain system by the wall can help you prevent moisture troubles. The drain system catches water at the common point of entry and prevents it from reaching the center of the floor.

Sump pumps

Along with basement drains, sump pumps can be installed to further prevent moisture from entering and damaging the structure. Working in combination with the drain, it removes the accumulated water. However, its function depends on its proper installation. Any problems with the installation can render it dysfunctional. It is therefore recommended that you seek the help of our waterproofing experts.

Wall systems

Wall systems help separate high traffic indoor spaces from the moisture present in the inner foundation walls. This helps keep them clean and free of moisture. Moisture also creates other problems. More importantly, it can result in mold growth which can further damage the structure. Hence, wall systems are there to offer a mold-resistant insulation to these living spaces, keeping the indoor environment clean and healthy.


Basements are particularly susceptible to humidity. Dehumidifiers can help you in controlling moisture without causing high energy bills. Waterproofing the basement doesn?t only save the foundation from structural damage, but also ensures that the house is safe to live in for you and your family. Children are especially susceptible to respiratory problems and allergies caused by mold spores. Waterproofing allows you to keep moisture away; the mold is prevented this way. If you want to ensure high quality waterproofing?for your basement, call our experts with their vast experience. They are well equipped with latest tools and techniques to offer you latest solutions to keep your house safe. Call us today at (800) 540-2135!

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