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Why 2/3rds of Homeowners Are Wrong About Foundation Repair

There are many misconceptions homeowners have about foundation repair that may cause them to delay getting their home?s foundation fixed. Neglecting to fix a damaged foundation can cause even more damage to your home and can also lead to flooding during the wet months. Without a doubt, fixing your damaged foundation should be your number one priority. Here are some common misconceptions that homeowners have about foundation repair.

1.?Foundation Repair Will Empty My Bank

This is probably the biggest issue homeowners have because emptying your bank account is a frightening prospect. Thankfully, with improving technology, having your basement repaired isn?t as expensive as it used to be. Cracks and settling a foundation can be done cost-effectively thanks to improved techniques. Many foundation repairs use an inexpensive polyurethane injection to fill up the cracks to prevent water from seeping through.

2.?Picking the Lowest Priced Contractor Is the Best Way to Go

As you research and get quotes from different contractors, you?ll find that the pricing will vary and you may be leaning towards picking the cheapest quote given to you. This may prove to be a mistake because the lowest quote could mean that the contractor is cutting corners by using lower quality materials or doing poor work on your foundation repairs. Make sure to check a contractor?s referrals and certifications before deciding on which contractor to use.

3.?My Warranty Will Cover Any Future Damage

Nearly all foundation repair companies offer warranties for their repairs. Read the fine print on your warranty before assuming that you will be covered in every scenario. In some cases, your warranty could be voided due to ?soil movement?, which is a common reason why a foundation can get damaged in the first place. Understanding your warranty and what it covers will help you prepare for any potential problems in the future.

4.?Foundation Repair Will Ruin My Yard!

Many homeowners are proud of their yard and may have spent a lot of money, time and effort to get their yard looking as beautiful as possible. So, if their foundation needs to be repaired, having a bunch of workers digging it up seems like a horrible idea. While it is true that some foundation repairs do require the contractor to dig around the foundation of your home, most repairs will take place inside of your home.

Are You in Need of Foundation Repair Services?

If your home has cracks in the foundation, repair is essential. ?For over 25 years, Apex Waterproofing has provided experienced workmanship and peace of mind for homeowners in the Northern Virginia area.? We know what to look for, and how to properly fix the issue to prevent more serious (and even catastrophic) results. Contact us today for more information or to receive a free inspection of your home!  

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