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The various signs of mold

If you have recently started having allergy problems in your home, there are good chances that the culprit might be mold. Common allergic reactions to mold pollution include sneezing, red eyes, runny nose and severe congestion. If you happen to notice that your allergic reactions are severe at home, but tend to sooth down when you are outside you could definitely have mold. This is among the first signs of mold, along with the musty smell. If you notice a mold odor, don?t ignore it, instead pick up the phone and call your local service for mold remediation in Northern Virginia. Here are some telltale signs of mold growth that mean it is the right time to take action:

Water Problems

Water ProblemsIf you have had long term problems with excessive moisture in your home, it could be accompanied with mold growth. Mold tends to grow in humid and warm regions; therefore your home could be giving it the perfect spot to expand. Look for water stains and discoloration on walls or ceilings. These signs might help you find the origin of the problem. Another sign is surface abnormalities like bubbling and peeling of wallpaper. If you find that the walls in your home seem to be bulging in and out, it is a sign that they have absorbed a lot of moisture. In other cases, water leaks that tend to occur behind walls, under the flooring or in the underlying surface of the foundation, mold growth might not be easy to spot out. According to many experts that offer mold remediation in Northern Virginia, this type of mold growth is the most problematic as it might grow to alarming extents before it is spotted.


CondensationCondensation is another telltale sign of mold growth in your home. It can occur on glass windows and metal pipes, promoting mold growth around it. Rusting indoor pipes are also signs that there is a lot of condensation in your home. Besides the fact that condensation builds up moisture for mold to grow on, it can also be a sign that there is a humidity problem in your home.


AllergiesIf you constantly suffer from conditions like headaches, short term memory loss, and perpetual dizziness in your home or office, it could mean that you are inhaling excessive quantities of toxic mold. Once you start feeling these symptoms, immediately move out and notice if the condition eases out, which would further compel you to take action against mold. Experts in mold remediation in Northern VA recommend taking action as soon as signs of mold are spotted. This way, not only can you minimize the damage done to your property, but you can also cut down the chances of health risks to you and your family. Feel free to give us a call at 800-656-4604 for the best mold remediation services in Northern Virginia.

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