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Structural Foundation Repairs Reasons To Get Them Fixed Today!

Structural Foundation Repairs Reasons To Get Them Fixed Today!
The number of things we put off until tomorrow makes it seem like delaying is a human behavior. It almost is? Procrastination is in our nature. If our mechanic or a roofer tells us that a repair can wait, we let it wait. And most often, we forget about it until it?s too late. Whether it?s the cost required, time needed or just simply a hassle for us, our reasons for delaying only increase with time until we finally put our foot down. When it comes to basement or structured foundation repair, we recommend getting it fixed immediately.

Why treat structural foundation repairs as your first priority?

Any damage to foundation walls can result instability and put the life and safety of your property at risk. Getting it properly repaired and in time, is important if you want to make the property last longer.

The damage worsens with time

Most often, structural foundation damage don?t occur as a single event. In fact, it occurs over time, gradually deteriorating, until it?s bad enough to become noticeable. The signs usually include jammed doors or foundation wall cracks. The walls will start moving inward, if the damage is caused by lateral pressure. This happens when soil around the foundation walls begin to expand. In poured concrete foundations, angle cracks will appear in the corners while vertical cracks will appear down the center of damaged wall. Ignoring these cracks will result in pressure, ultimately letting the cracks spread wider. It will then cause seepage problems, apart from foundation damage. In concrete block or other masonry?foundations, you?ll notice bowing or bulging right in the center of the wall. This will be resent along with the mortar joints cracks. When left unrepaired, these stones, bricks or blocks will start moving independently of each other. This will make the wall vulnerable to collapse. In both cases, the continuation of movement will result in the top of the wall turning inward. In severe cases, the wall may even separate from the main framing of the house, leaving it unsupported.

The cost also goes up

Over time, the cost of material required for damage repair increases significantly. The economy will also drive the labor costs upward. The situation is simply whether you pay for the repair now or later. Also note that the damage increases with time, so it might not be fixable at a similar cost as it is today. For instance, the foundation wall detachment can cost a lot more if the movement exceeds two inches. Getting the walls repaired sooner will help you save costs and achieve a more permanent repair solution. At Apex Waterproofing, our damage repair experts can examine the foundation to determine the most viable repair solution. Form small cracks in the foundation walls to displaced walls, we can fix everything. Here are a few exterior and interior signs?of structured foundation damage. If you notice any of these signs, call us immediately at 800-656-4604.

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