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Signs telling you that water is seeping in from your roof

The roof in your home may be telling you something. You need to keep your eyes and ears open to identify signs of roof leaks at an early stage before they turn into expensive and destructive repairs. Of course, there are many less obvious signs of water leaks in the roof which are frequently missed. However, you should know that the damage is the same. Small leaks ruin wooden structures the same way larger leaks do, and you need to stay on the lookout before they turn into serious trouble. Here are a few signs of roof leaks that will tell you the right time to take action:

Algae and Mold

Algae and MoldAlgae and mold occurs mostly during warm weather and humid conditions in the home. Mold is caused by airborne fungi that make its way to your home along with the water. Observe the shingle on top of your roof. If they seem discolored, you might be dealing with mold. Consider calling a service that offers mold remediation in Northern VA as soon as you spot these signs to cut down the chances of expensive future repairs.

Damaged Flashing

Damaged FlashingFlashing is more prone to water damage than most other parts on the roof. It is the coating of sealant applied to the surroundings of roof pipes, chimneys and other areas to prevent seepage of water through. While water damage due to flashing is more than often the result of improper installation, it can also be damaged due to stagnant water around the flashing. A service that offers residential inspections in Northern Virginia can help identify the cause of damaged flashing.

A Rotting Roof

A Rotting RoofThe easiest way to spot out water damage caused by a leaky roof is to observe your ceiling. When water gets through your roof and leaks down the ceiling it leaves behind marks on the walls. These leaks may appear around the vents and chimneys. In addition to this, the leak may even travel down and show up at a distance from the original source. More than often, the signs of roof leaks can be spotted out with a casual stroll around the attic to observe walls and fixtures. If you do spot out signs of roof leaks, make sure that you give us a call for the best mold remediation in Northern VA. We also offer complete residential inspections in Northern Virginia to help clients ward off potential problems.

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