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Moisture Control in Foundation Repair: Crawling Water in Low Foundations

crawling water low foundationFor the foundation of your home to remain steady, the soil moisture levels should neither be too high nor too low; otherwise, problems may arise and you will begin to notice crawling water, especially in a low foundation. To control moisture, you need to ensure that insulation, ventilation, and air sealing are done to standard and you can do this by assigning the job to a qualified foundation repair company. Before applying any control measures however, it's important to understand how moisture moves into and out of your home.
Moisture can be transferred from outside through air currents, diffusion, or heat transfer. Air is the fastest process nonetheless as it can get in through any crevice or hole in the structure. With regard to heat transfer and diffusion, most of the materials available in the market today are designed to slow down these processes and because of this, their impact is less significant. Foundation problems begin when the soil beneath settles unevenly and this can arise due to certain things including:
  • Excessive or reduced soil moisture
  • Uncontrolled moisture levels at the point of construction
  • Poor building pad compaction
  • Poor yard drainage

Too Little or Too Much Soil Moisture

Since soil is more likely to expand than shrink, swelling of the soil due to moisture retention is one of the most serious concerns when it comes to the stability of a foundation. Such a problem may come about due to rainy weather, improper drainage, or plumbing issues and these will often lead to crawling of water up the foundation walls. Moisture loss can also make a foundation settle, but the settling in this instance is often as a result of reduced humidity levels.

Uncontrolled Levels of Moisture During Construction

Before a slab mixture is poured, the moisture in the soil shouldn't be too low because when this happens, the edges will absorb more moisture fast, and subsequently transfer it up the wall. In addition, if the water content is on the higher side, the slab will be excessively damp and the edges will lose moisture at a higher speed than other parts making the building to settle.

Poor Compaction

Foundations depend on the topmost layer of soil to remain stable. For this reason, the bearing soil has to be well compacted before construction. If this is not done, major problems may be experienced.

Poor Yard Drainage

When a building is being constructed, any drainage should be directed away from the site. It is only when this is done that pooling of water around the foundation can be avoided. Remember, stagnant water can obstruct the foundation's ability to support the house and cause problems both during the dry and rainy seasons. If you notice your foundation settling, it's important to get help from foundation repair companies before things get out of control. Regardless of the problem you may be experiencing with your foundation, you need to remember that when it comes to moisture concerns, more emphasis should be placed on getting the content reduced rather than completely eliminating it. Still, in some cases, it is possible to fully get rid of the moisture; it all depends on the severity of the problem. Even so, to get good results, you should aim to act as soon as you detect something unusual. Some of the things that may indicate crawling water in a low foundation include standing water, mold growth, peeling paint, rusting pipes and rotting wood.

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