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Important Facts to Know About Basement Waterproofing

One of the worst situations that a?home owner?can get into is severe water damage in the foundation of a house. Water in a basement is not normal, and it must be taken care of immediately to stop costly damage from occurring and?dangerous mold from forming. Some common warning signs that you may have a leak in your basement are cracks in the foundation and dampness in the room. If you have any of these symptoms and believe you may have a water leak in your basement, then you may need the expertise of an experienced contractor who specializes in waterproofing basements.

Finding the Source of the Leak Is the Key to Basement Waterproofing

If you have a leak in your basement, the logical source of water for this problem is usually outside of the home. In order to stop further water damage, you must waterproof the exterior of your basement to stop water from entering at the point of origin. One of the most common ways for water to leak into your basement is through the house's downspouts and gutters. You should ensure that your entire drainage system is removing excess water without allowing it to enter the foundation of the house.

Commonly Used Techniques for Basement Waterproofing

The most effective way to stop water from leaking into your home is through exterior excavation waterproofing, also called positive side waterproofing. Due to the large amount of work involved with excavating 6 to 8 feet to the foundation footer, exterior waterproofing can be expensive. Fortunately, this can be offset by the removal of the source of the water leak, and it may actually prevent further waterproofing methods from being necessary. Exterior excavation is the most common job taken by professional waterproofing contractors. There are many other methods for waterproofing a leaking basement. Cracks in the walls of a foundation made from concrete that was poured can be patched using chemicals like polyurethane. This is only a temporary solution though. Some contractors offer waterproofing paint and primers, but many experts say that this is merely a cosmetic change, and it does not stop water from leaking. A new method in waterproofing is the interior excavation technique. This method is gaining in popularity because it is cheaper than exterior excavation methods. This technique controls water once it has already entered your basement.

Don't Wait to Waterproof Your Home's Basement

Whether you choose to hire a waterproofing contractor for interior or exterior excavation, you should not wait to take action. The longer water is allowed to enter your basement, the higher the risk for harmful mold spores, significant water damage and foundation instability. Before the worst happens, you should contact a local contractor to find out more information about the benefits and advantages of waterproofing your home. Source:

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Guest - BarkhaGajwani on Monday, 16 July 2018 09:25

Very helpful and informative blogs. Thank you.

Hello Very helpful and informative blogs. Thank you.
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