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5 Amazing Things You Probably Didn't Know About Basement Renovation

One of the best ways to increase your home's value is through basement renovation. With the current economic situation and the number of people losing their jobs, it is becoming harder than ever to sell houses in today's real estate market. Also, considering the fact that the market is currently filled with cheap foreclosed homes, one is forced to put in more effort in order to get the best deals.

Benefits Of Home Renovation Before a Sale

One good way to make your home stand out is to renovate it. There are various renovations that can be done in your basement to increase the value of your property. Finding a buyer after you've fixed up your home is easier and will help you net more money once the sale is complete.

Basement Bathroom

The basement bathroom is one of the most neglected parts of the home when it comes to renovation. Going out of your way to renovate this part of your home will have a positive impact on your home's resale value. In most cases, the money you spend on basement bathroom renovation is made back once you find a buyer.

Cost Of Basement Renovation

The amount of money to be spent on basement renovation will depend on: the type of job being carried out, the construction company offering the service and whether you are completely transforming the current layout and blueprint of your home.
  • Type of Project: Different renovation projects require different budgets to complete. Some renovation projects such as changing the basement ceiling and floor might not cost you as much as bathroom renovations.
  • The Renovation Company: Renovation companies offer services at different prices based on factors such as demand for the service, availability of building material and competition. The increase in the number of building contractors has helped to reduce this cost. Companies are trying to attract more traffic and will lower their prices.
  • Layouts and Blueprints: You will pay more money on basement renovation if you completely transform your current layout and blueprint. This is mainly because you are forced to relocate plumbing fixtures and at the same time order new and customized equipment for the project.

Consider Future Projects When Renovating Your Basement

The basement is the heart of most people's homes. The plumbing and electrical system go through the basement. Before renovating your basement, consider future projects and make sure your current projects won't conflict with them. The last thing you want to do is spend hundreds of dollars on renovations only to undo everything simply because there is a new project at hand.

Green Building Will Save You Money

Green building is a great way to save money and add to your property's value. The materials used are not only cheap but are usually recycled, saving you money and preserving the environment during basement renovation.

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5 Beautiful Examples of Egress Windows

Basement-Egress-WindowsOur homes come installed with all the things we need to including bathrooms, kitchen areas, and windows. All of these different areas and fixtures are beneficial to our homes, but do you know what value they bring?

What Exactly Is An Egress Window?

An egress window is a window that is designed to act as an emergency exit window. This sort of window is strategically placed throughout one's home. Let's say there is a fire and you need to get out, you can escape through this sort of window. In order for a window to be classified as egress, it must meet specific requirements. It is noted that in order to be classified as an egress window, a window must be capable of opening at a width of 20in and height of 24in. The window must be raised at least 44in above the floor, and have a net clear opening of 5.7 sq. ft. These requirements are set to ensure a person will be able to crawl out of the window in cases of emergencies.

Where Are Egress Windows Placed

It is typical for an egress window to be placed within bedrooms, and basement areas of the home.? Regulations state an egress window must be placed in every room where a person could sleep.

Do Your Windows Meet The Egress Requirements?

If your home is an older one, you may not have egress windows. This is true because the requirement for such a window may not have existed at the time your home was constructed.

Why Egress Windows Are Beneficial

Installing egress windows can be beneficial in many ways to include:
  • Protecting families
  • Increased fire safety
  • Acting as an emergency exit
  • Adding value to your home

Common Types of Egress Windows

Double hung egress windows- This window has two sides that overlaps in the middle of the window. Such a window typically opens up upward, but some offer the luckier of opening from the top and bottom. such windows must meet the egress requirements to be installed in your home. Sliding windows- Such windows open from one side to another, just like a sliding glass door.? In order for a sliding window to meet egress standards, it must reach 41 inches high and 40 inches wide. Casement windows- These windows work like a hinged window, opening in an out. The windows usually open with the help of handles or a rotating lever. We all think we know a lot about our homes, but the truth is we don't know how all the different fixtures; to include our windows can benefit us. Egress windows act as an emergency exit and add extra safety to your home.?If your windows are not up to standard Apex Waterproofing is your solution. Not only will we update your windows to meet egress standards, we will also provide you with other services such as basement waterproofing.

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Easy Home Renovation Ideas

Home renovationOverhauling a home can be a time consuming and costly affair; however, there are some easy home renovation ideas that can deliver a great look in a short time. In addition to enhancing the appearance and d?cor of a home, home remodeling should also increase the value of the home. Some of the basic goals of a home improvement project include:
  • Enhancement of comfort
  • Repair and maintenance
  • Increasing living space
  • To reduce utility costs
  • To install safety measures such as sprinkler systems, burglar alarms, and backup generators
There are specialized contractors who offer home improvement services; however, they charge a premium for their specialized services and expertise. Homeowners may also hire a general contractor to supervise a project that involves different trades; however, a number of homeowners bypass hiring a general contractor and hire painters, carpenters, plumbers, roofers, and electricians.

5 Easy Home Renovation Ideas

Homeowners may also opt to do the work themselves. Major retailers and home improvement stores specialize in selling tools and materials to homeowners who want to remodel their homes themselves. Although this may be the cheaper option in many cases, hiring experienced professionals may end up saving the homeowner time and money.


A fresh coat of paint can provide very dramatic results without having to invest a large sum. It is one of the easiest solutions to transforming the aesthetic appearance of a room in an instant. Homeowners may opt to hire a professional painter, or do the work themselves. Painting the interior and exterior of a house can improve its appearance significantly, as well as increase its value. Before painting a home, it is important to choose a color that fits well with the overall d?cor of the home.

Updating the Lighting

When it comes to easy home renovation ideas, nothing is as easy as updating the lighting. A homeowner can go for recessed halogen lights and energy efficient dimmers in certain rooms of the house. A great idea would be to combine recessed lighting and ambient lighting to brighten a room, without taking up too much floor space. Homeowners should seek the services of an electrician to ensure safety and a high quality finish.

Updating the Flooring

The choice of flooring can go a long way in improving the appearance of a room; however, the choice should take into account the room's function. For the kitchen and bathroom, one should install flooring that can withstand constant wetness, such as tiles. For the living areas, one should choose hardwood flooring that adds warmth, while a kids playroom should have soft flooring such as carpets and play mats.


Many people tend to overlook landscaping when doing home renovations. The first thing that people see is the front of a house; therefore, beautiful landscaping can improve a home's appearance significantly. Good landscaping can even make buyers fall in love with a house, and it does not require too much. A well-manicured lawn, a hedge around the house and a few flowers may be all it takes to beautify the exterior of a home.

Replacing Fixtures and Faucets

A modern faucet with beautiful designs can transform the appearance of a bathroom or kitchen, and make it look new again. Installing new faucets and fixtures does not take much. One should shop for fixtures that can fit the already available holes. Most home improvement stores stock a wide range of faucets and fixtures. There are many more easy home renovation ideas. Contrary to what many people think, a home improvement project does not have to cost an arm and a leg. A few simple improvements can enhance the value and appearance of any home.  

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Moisture Control in Foundation Repair: Moisture Control and Yard Drainage

flooding Toronto
The whole purpose of yard drainage is to control the moisture levels around your home. Improper yard drainage can lead to costly repair bills and an overall frustrating experience for a homeowner. We will go over some basic information about moisture and yard drainage.

Common Issues with Yard Drainage

Problems you can run into with yard drainage are: ? Flooding ? Erosion ? Sedimentation ? Piping ? Ponding ? Negative drainage ? Faulty grade ? Seepage ? Soil saturation ? Soil-moisture fluctuation ? Excessive humidity ? Wicking These lead to soil conditions, such as landslides, soil expansion, soil shrinkage or soil subsidence. If your yard is not properly drained, damage to your property (cracks forming in the foundation) and erosion can occur. Moisture build-up can also destroy metals over time, such as reinforcing steel or gas pipes. Poor yard drainage can also create a perfect environment for mold, mildew, dry rot, mosquitoes, termites and rodents. When moisture starts to crack your foundation or corrode your metals, this can lead to a costly repair bill. Preventing excess moisture around your home through proper yard drainage can save you a lot of trouble in the long run.

A Basic Understanding of Moisture

Moisture is everywhere in our environment. It plays the main role in making all life possible, while it plays an important role in breaking down and recycling earth materials. Moisture changes between 3 states: liquid (water), ice (solid) and vapor (gas). Each state affects the earth, changing it and can cause weathering. Proper Yard Drainage Understanding erosion and sedimentation is important when making a yard drainage system. If installed incorrectly, the runoff could lead to an accumulation of sediments where you don?t want them (the street, for example). Or it can cause damage to your yard, especially during a heavy rain storm. When building a drainage system, fill embankments should not be steeper than a 2 (horizontal to 1 (vertical) slope ratio. Irrigation of on-slope vegetation should also be kept to a minimum. And the surface yard drainage should never flow over the face of the slope. Erosion in your yard is never a good thing and you will want to avoid it. Bare soil is erosion-prone and any sloping ground in your yard will be prone to erosion due to this. Planted slopes can have erosion problems as well if the plants have shallow roots and require a lot of water. Due to this, sloping ground should have plants that are drought-tolerant and are deep-rooting. These deep-rooting plants will limit the amount of erosion your yard will face by holding the soil in place. There are many slope-protection systems that can either replace vegetation or compliment any existing vegetation as well. There are important guidelines to follow for grading and drainage control. The goal of a good drainage system is to direct water away from the top of any steep-sloping ground within a drainage conduit, such as a pipe or concrete swale. Any surface runoff can be collected in a brow ditch, which will direct the runoff into the drainage system. If a down-pipe is used, the water in the brow ditch will be collected in a grated sump box from which a buried pipe would transport the water to the base of the slope and into a storm drain. Any drainage system will require regular maintenance to repair any cracks or remove debris from the sumps. Damaged drainage systems can cause damage to your yard due to the water not flowing where it is not supposed to.

Grading is Key

The importance of proper grading cannot be stressed enough. A home should sit at the top of the yard sloping down and away from the home. If the yard is not graded properly, water will collect and seep into the ground. This will cause damage to your homes foundation and can even lead to flooding. If your home doesn?t have proper grading, there are options available to help deal with moisture problems. The more expensive option is to have the property properly graded. This is the most effective means of dealing with any moisture issues around your home. Another option is installing area drains in locations where the water is collecting. These will mitigate the amount of moisture that can get into the foundation. Planning Stage When you are ready to install a drainage system, make sure you survey the property and plan the layout accordingly. You may need to remove walkways, driveways, underground obstructions or even have to do some major landscaping. Make sure to plan accordingly and be prepared for any issue that may arise during the construction process.

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The Importance of Foundation Repair Before a New Home Addition

Foundation Repair New Home Addition
If you are considering a new modular home addition, there are a few things you should think about. Sure, you?re probably crunching numbers and figuring out your budget. But there is one important aspect that you might not have thought about: making sure your home and its foundation are structurally sound before you get a new modular home addition. A structurally safe home means that any new addition that is tacked on ? be it a second story addition or one that is simply an extension of your main floor ? will be safe too. Here are a few signs your home might need work done to its foundation.


Take a look at any cracks in your home?s foundation, walls, chimneys or floors. Are they wider than 1/4-inch? Do you see any stair-step cracks in the foundation blocks or bricks? Do you see cracks in the drywall on your home?s interior walls? Are there any horizontal or vertical cracks or cracks in your basement floor? All of these are a big signs that you should look into structural repair on your home.

Windows and Doors

If it is more difficult than it used to be to open and close any doors or windows in your home, or if they get stuck easily, this is also another sign you need to look into structural repair for your home?s foundation. Also, if they no longer fit squarely and are uneven when you open and close them, that is yet another sign that something is amiss with your home?s foundation.


Take a look at some of the nails in your walls. Are they starting to protrude? If so, this is a sign that the gypsum board has been compromised. Shifts in your home's foundation may be putting pressure on new points, causing nails to move.

Crown Molding and Ceiling

Have you notice that there are gaps between the ceiling and any crown molding you have? ?If these two things are starting to separate, that is yet another sign that your foundation might need some TLC. Also, if you have wallpaper and you?ve noticed it is started to crease or wrinkle, this means the walls are shifting because of foundation problems.

Bowed Basement Walls

Take a trip down to your basement and give the walls a close look. Are they starting to bow inwards? This could indicate a problem with soil expansion. Wet soil will push up against your home?s foundation, and then when it dries it pulls back from the foundation. When this happens, it can cause weak areas that will eventually cause you basement walls to bow in. These are just a few signs that you should look into foundation repair work for you home. And once you have the foundation fixed, you know it is safe to have a new home addition built. After all, taking the time to get all your ducks in a row before adding a new modular home addition could save you time, money and hassle in the long run. Not to mention, it ensures the safety of you and your family. If you are interested in learning more about foundation repair, call Apex Waterproofing at 571-366-4758, and if you want to learn more about modular home additions, call Carbide Construction at 703-550-8711.

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