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Can Waterproofing Your Basement Save you Money?

digging-for-interior-basement-waterproofingWhen a person is considering a basement waterproofing system, it is a welcome relief to know that it will be a worthwhile investment and help save money down the road. However, it is worth noting that waterproofing your basement will cost you. Here are some ways that the project will pay back the initial investment and bring other positive benefits.

Basement Waterproofing Lowers Insurance Costs

Many insurance companies consider a waterproof basement to be an attractive asset. Waterproofing keeps leaks to a minimum, so there is a lower chance for damage that leads to costly insurance claims. To take advantage of this perk, it is important to notify an insurance broker about the home improvement. In the end, it may result in a lower premium each month.

Reduction in Energy Costs

When a basement is made waterproof, the outside elements do not penetrate inside. This means that the area will retain heat much better, especially during cold winter months. The same can be said during the summer when cold air does not escape. It will be unnecessary to adjust the heat or air conditioning as often. Both of these benefits will help a homeowner lower monthly electric bills.

No Need for Repairs

When a basement floods, it can be a complete nightmare.? Furniture, or valuable items being stored may be damaged. It will take money to repair or replace things that were harmed by the water. To prevent this hassle and expense, having a basement waterproofed will be wise.

Less Health Problems

When a basement is left moist and damp, it is a prime location for mold to grow and multiply. Mold is known to cause a multitude of health problems including allergies, asthma, and lung damage. The best way to prevent high medical bills associated with these issues is to waterproof the area. It will eliminate the need to visit the doctor and take unnecessary medication. Not only will residents feel better, they will have saved money as well.

Basement Waterproofing Can Raise Overall Home Value

Anytime a homeowner renovates or improves a house, property value rises. This is especially true for a basement. When a basement is free from leaks, it adds more space that can be used as a family room, office, home gym, or an extra bedroom. This brings more livable square footage to the house, which increases value. When it comes time to sell the property, the homeowner is sure to enjoy a higher profit.

What is the Best Way to Waterproof a Basement?

A person may choose to waterproof a basement from both the interior and exterior space. There are numerous coating systems on the market that adhere to concrete walls and seal hidden cracks. These are not very complicated to apply and can be completed without help. On the other hand, exterior waterproofing may be more difficult and require professional assistance. A team of waterproofing experts will be able to keep water from pooling near a foundation by sloping the land away from the home. They may also apply new gutters and downspouts to correct roof drainage as well. In severe cases, it may be necessary to excavate around the entire home and coat the foundation with a waterproof material. When people invest in a home, renovations are usually completed above ground. However, it may be smart to consider a waterproofing system in the basement. Although costly, it may be a great way to save money on electric bills and insurance premiums. It may improve health as well. In many respects, basement waterproofing is a hidden way to raise a home's overall value.

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