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Homeowners must be very concerned if they spot a crack in their walls or near their windows, as they can indicate a graver structural fault in the house. Cracks are hideous and suspicious, and even a hairline crack should make you consider getting an inspection done for your place. Generally, cracks that are more than 1/16 inch wide are thought to be problematic. Cracks allow water seepage, which can further worsen the damage and allow all kinds of pests, including termites to find their way into your home. In order to make these cracks easily identifiable, we researched upon three kinds of foundational cracks that point toward the structural decay of a building:

Vertical Cracks

Vertical CracksThere is a difference between shrinkage cracks and foundational cracks. Shrinkage cracks occur when moisture content from walls evaporates, causing the wall to shrink in to fill the void created by evaporation. Such cracks are less than 1/8 inches in width and can be minimized by using horizontal reinforcement of temperature or shrinkage steel.

Re-entrant Cracks

Horizontal/vertical cracks are frequently noticed at sharp angles in a concrete building, because there is less concentration of building material at those points. One way to reduce them is to have round openings; however they can be impractical in many situations. Horizontal or vertical rods must be installed to minimize such cracks, but they may never fully disappear once formed.

Horizontal Cracks

Horizontal CracksIf there is a vertical reinforcement in the wall, horizontal cracks should not be a cause of concern. But if not, they require greater scrutiny, and can be most dangerous of all cracks. Horizontal cracks usually result from excessive water seepage in the foundation.

Remedies to Fight Cracks

Your basement won?t leak if it has proper waterproofing done by expert technicians. So waterproofing your house at the time of construction is highly recommended. Moreover, epoxy injection system may also be used in order to keep the cracks from appearing on your walls. Even a small crack can widen by absorbing moisture and humidity, and cause structural problems in your home. Getting timely help from professionals like those at Apex Waterproofing is a wise strategy to keep danger at bay. We have 25+ years of experience in foundation and structural repair in Northern Virginia. Contact us today for a free inspection and consultation.

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