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5 Beautiful Examples of Egress Windows

Basement-Egress-WindowsOur homes come installed with all the things we need to including bathrooms, kitchen areas, and windows. All of these different areas and fixtures are beneficial to our homes, but do you know what value they bring?

What Exactly Is An Egress Window?

An egress window is a window that is designed to act as an emergency exit window. This sort of window is strategically placed throughout one's home. Let's say there is a fire and you need to get out, you can escape through this sort of window. In order for a window to be classified as egress, it must meet specific requirements. It is noted that in order to be classified as an egress window, a window must be capable of opening at a width of 20in and height of 24in. The window must be raised at least 44in above the floor, and have a net clear opening of 5.7 sq. ft. These requirements are set to ensure a person will be able to crawl out of the window in cases of emergencies.

Where Are Egress Windows Placed

It is typical for an egress window to be placed within bedrooms, and basement areas of the home.? Regulations state an egress window must be placed in every room where a person could sleep.

Do Your Windows Meet The Egress Requirements?

If your home is an older one, you may not have egress windows. This is true because the requirement for such a window may not have existed at the time your home was constructed.

Why Egress Windows Are Beneficial

Installing egress windows can be beneficial in many ways to include:
  • Protecting families
  • Increased fire safety
  • Acting as an emergency exit
  • Adding value to your home

Common Types of Egress Windows

Double hung egress windows- This window has two sides that overlaps in the middle of the window. Such a window typically opens up upward, but some offer the luckier of opening from the top and bottom. such windows must meet the egress requirements to be installed in your home. Sliding windows- Such windows open from one side to another, just like a sliding glass door.? In order for a sliding window to meet egress standards, it must reach 41 inches high and 40 inches wide. Casement windows- These windows work like a hinged window, opening in an out. The windows usually open with the help of handles or a rotating lever. We all think we know a lot about our homes, but the truth is we don't know how all the different fixtures; to include our windows can benefit us. Egress windows act as an emergency exit and add extra safety to your home.?If your windows are not up to standard Apex Waterproofing is your solution. Not only will we update your windows to meet egress standards, we will also provide you with other services such as basement waterproofing.

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