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Why Basement Waterproofing is Essential in Arlington Virginia

Diagram Of Waterproofing A Basement Wall

Many homes in the Arlington area have problems with water in their basements, and professional waterproofing is the best line of defense. We offer a foundation inspection where we will check your basement foundation and structural walls and find the cause of your water problem, and determine the best remedy to correct the problem. Depending on where the water is coming from and how long it has been an issue, itmay be a simple inexpensive fix or it may require a thorough process.

Water Damage is the #1 Concern for Arlington Property Owners

Waterproofing is a science designed to keep water out of basements, the number one concern for residential and commercial properties in the U.S. and especially in Northern Virginia. The source of water is primarily from rainfall, snow melt, and sometimes irrigation on the surface. In many areas of Virginia, the groundwater table is near or above the basement floor level at various times during the year. There are three basic lines of defense against water problems in your basement:

  1. surface drainage
  2. subsurface drainage
  3. waterproofing on the wall surface

Surface Drainage The goal of surface drainage is to keep water from surface sources away from the foundation by sloping the ground surface and using gutters and downspouts for roof drainage. Subsurface Drainage The goal of subsurface drainage is to intercept, collect, and carry away any water in the ground surrounding the basement. Waterproofing Waterproofing, the final line of defense, is intended to keep out water that finds its way to the wall and floor of the structure.Also, in many instances involving existing structures, waterproofing will keep out water which is already finding its way through the wall, floor, or both. If you have water in your basement, call us for help.

Case Study:Apex Waterproofing Fixes a Leaky Front Porch

A sinking front porch was detected first. After further investigation it was determined that the foundation under the porch was in need of immediate repairs. Apex Waterproofing team has performed repairs of structural walls inside the basement to eliminate the problem.

Water Damaged PorchFoundation Cracks From Water Damage

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new foundation and front porch in Arlington Virginia

Need To Waterproof your Arlington Virginia Basement

Don`t delay to protect your basement. You never know when your investment will suddenly become an expensive disaster.We are experts in foundations and basement waterproofing, and we can help you ensure that your basement will be safe from harm.Give us a call and we can help you investigate and repair basement related issues.  

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