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Waterproofing Northern Virginia Basements for 25+ Years and Saving You Money!

Our Vision is to be the Apex – the very best – in waterproofing, foundation and structural repair, and home renovation.
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Your basement is home to the furnace, coolers and other precious HVAC equipments that are normally installed once in a lifetime along with regular maintenance checks due to their significant costs. We have a team of basement waterproofing specialists who can keep your equipment protected from leaks for a good period!
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A damp or wet basement can create huge problems such as mold and mildew, rot, health problems and serious structural damage. If your basement smells musty, has flooded or the walls feel damp, you may need a North Virginia basement waterproofing expert and we can help.
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Foundation Issues & Structural Repair

If your foundation bows or develops a displaced crack, then you may be in need of structural repair; otherwise, you risk major foundational failure. North Virginia foundation issues can dramatically impact your home's safety, appearance, and value. At Apex, we offer timely, cost-effective solutions to repair your foundation.
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Obtaining a North Virginia property inspection on a property that you own or are considering purchasing is an imperative step in ensuring that your investment will not be a complete waste. If you know you have an existing problem that you’d like resolved, then your first inspection is free!
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North Virginia basement renovation is one of the most simple and cost effective ways to add space without breaking the bank. With careful planning, a basement can transform into one of the most appealing parts of your home. Our renovation process turns your unfinished space into a useful living area.
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We specialize in acting as your general contractor in residential dealings, dedicated to freeing up your time so that you can spend it on more important things, like business and family.

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The number of things we put off until tomorrow makes it seem like delaying is a human behavior. It almost is? Procrastination is in our nature. If our mechanic or a roofer tells us that a repair can wait, we let it wait. And most often, we forget about it until it?s too late. Whether it?s the cost required, time needed or just simply a hassle for us, our reasons for delaying only increase with ...

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"My Wife and I couldn't be happier. Truly the most professional company I've ever worked with. Your troops were squared away in every aspect of their jobs. Straight by the numbers. Wouldn't expect anything different with your Marine Corps back round. If you ever need referrals to any new customers please don't hesitate. Thank you so much for job ethic and integrity."
Joel Fagen Arlington, Virginia
Sam came to my home to assess my basement water leak issues, educated me on causes of the leaks, and discussed the pros and cons of different waterproofing systems recommending I have an interior drain and sump pump system installed. I received estimates from two additional waterproofing companies and chose Apex - they had the lowest price and seemed to have the best solution. On the day of the waterproofing system installation, Sam, Jamie and the Apex crew walked me through the installation process, worked efficiently and professionally, and finished a few hours ahead of schedule. I am very satisfied with Apex Waterproofing, and after many rains, and happy with the results.
Jonathan C. Springfield, Virginia
"Apex has done several kitchen and bath remodels for me and though the work was very detailed and tedious he did great work, finished within budget and in a timely fashion. I would recommend them to anyone."
Cathy Cole Armstrong Locust Grove, Virginia
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August 16, 2017

Dear Reader, Clients and Friends:

This week our website was attacked by a malicious hacker claiming that we employ neo-Nazis and other individuals with abhorrent political views.  I want to unequivocally state that we do not hire or support the views or goals of neo-Nazis, neo-fascists, white supremacist or any organization or individual who advocate such views.  We employ a diversified workforce and if anyone in our company were to espouse such views they will be fired immediately.

Apex Waterproofing has been in business for over a decade.  We are dedicated to providing our customers a quality construction project.  The results speak for themselves: A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, over four consecutive years our company has received the Super Service award rating from Angie's List with an additional 108 A reviews, we were rated as a 5-star company by Google until this malicious, unfounded attack took place.    

My husband is not only a master carpenter from a long line of master carpenters who have worked for decades in the DMV, but he is also a Marine veteran.  When he was in the service he fought for our country against foreign fascists.  Under no circumstances would we support the political views against which he was willing to sacrifice his life.

To our past customers, we thank you again for your past patronage and we will continue to be there for you when the needs arise.  To our friends, you know us and you know that we are not those people that the hackers want you to believe we are.  To our readers, thank you for taking time to read our story.  We are taking all precautions to ensure that these malicious acts against our company are addressed and prevented from occurring in the future.  We need to collectively expose these hackers whose sole goal is to disrupt the lives of hardworking people and destroy a small local business whose employees have worked hard to build.

Thank you,

Michielle Osini


Apex Waterproofing, Inc.